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Pre Alpin - Original Grass Cubes

Pre Alpin - Original Grass Cubes 17.75

Full of fibre no added sugars
Pure meadow grass cube from Bavaria
Lasts a long time as only a small amount needed
Cover dry quantity with water to reconstitute
Economic high fibre feed
Excellent and consistent quality

20kg sack

Pre Alpin - Protein Light

Pre Alpin - Protein Light 19.50

All the goodness of Pre Alpin but with Less Protein
Ideal for horses who gain weight too easily






20kg sack

Pre Alpin - Senior

Pre Alpin - Senior 15.10

Based on a grass feed no added sugar
Loose feed especially for the older horse
Can be fed dry or wet
Added vitamins & minerals



12.5kg sack

Horse Alpin

Horse Alpin 26.55

When you want a bit more feed but without the horse hotting up

A small cube complete food for horses in work
Based on Pre Alpin with added cereal, mineral and herbs
No added molasses




25kg sack

Alpengrun Mash

Alpengrun Mash 26.00

A special supplementary feed 


Currently to order only




15 kg sack

Himalayan Salt Lick

Himalayan Salt Lick 7.00

Pure salt


Hang in the stable or field

Especially good to use in hot weather

2.5 kg - 3 kg size


Naturminerals 69.00

Ideal feed supplement suitable for all horses



10kg tub


Also available in 25kg sacks at €145.00

Lucerne Plus

Lucerne Plus 16.50

Fresh dried grass with green oat (before the husks form)
Fabulous and tasty 
Excellent for helping prevent ulcers
No added sugars


15g bale

Coolstance Copra

Coolstance Copra 33.00

CoolStance copra is made from the white part of the coconut, which has been dried, baked and ground. CoolStance copra is suitable for most horses and can be fed to maintain a natural state of gut health and insulin sensitivity, ie normal insulin metabolism.


Speedybeet 17.50

A quick to soak feed of pure sugar beet pulp once the sugar has been extracted.

25kg sack