Grass Livery

Includes large paddock either shared or individual as required/requested.

2 good quality hard feeds and hay per day, lunch time hay in the summer also.

Care and attention of horse.

Daily check and rug changes as necessary.

Late night check (proprietors & staff on site)

Use of schooling facilities

Reduced rate on lessons on your own horse

Smile Now also includes exercising 2 x weekly  (schooling is extra)

Stable Livery

As for grass livery but also including a dedicated barn stable for use at all times. Stables are light and airy, well ventilated with insulated roof so warm in winter and cool in summer.

Size 3.6m x 3.6m /12ft x 12ft. Brick construction, and deep bedding on straw or shavings.

Also included: bringing in and turning out of horse, rug changing and mucking out.

Retirement Livery

Equus Ourique offers a super retirement home for horses, where the horses are cared for and checked on every day. They are in large paddocks with shade from trees or stables if required. You can rest assured that your much-loved horse can have a comfortable and well cared-for retirement. As an owner, you are welcome to visit whenever you want to. Regular updates are sent by email. Priced according to your requirements, but always reasonably, and we do recommend the price to include a regular worming and foot care programme, although these can be charged separately. Horses from abroad are also very welcome.